Want a simple diy project that will have you wanting to do a load of laundry this weekend? Today I’m showing you how you can give a pair of inexpensive skinny jeans that distressed look that often comes with a steep price tag!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 pair of skinny jeans (mine were $20 at Zara, so I didn’t feel bad about experimenting with them!)
1 pen or pencil (depending on the darkness of your jeans)
1 box cutter or razor blade
1 piece of cardboard
0_heres what you need

One thing I have learned…
Distressing 100% cotton jeans gives you a much more shreddy/stringy look (like this one by Free People). If you’re working with skinny jeans though, they likely have elastane or spandex for some stretch, so they distress differently – a little more “chewed” and hole-y looking (the ones I am using for today’s demo are 74% cotton, 24% polyamide, 2% elastane). Also, if you’re buying a brand new pair of jeans for this, be sure that you have enough room to fit in them after they shrink a bit in the dryer (necessary for the distressing process). Just a few tips/disclaimers before we take a razor blade to them!

Ok, now that you know all of that, let’s begin!