Seoul is one of the most innovative destinations for fashion and street style, and with influences derived heavily from music, entertainment and Korean pop culture, its presence in the fashion industry is only growing in prominence. From the sweet and playful Girls Generation types and the untouchably high fashion Lee Hyori to the more outrageous Minzy and G-Dragon, the city’s become a creative force to be reckoned with. That, and its investment in events like Fashion Week and Korea Style Week, have propelled Seoul as a contender to Tokyo as one of the top fashion capitals in Asia.

Diana Horsfall is one style blogger whose own life and career has followed a path starkly parallel to the growth of Seoul’s style community. Not only is she incredibly committed to her blog Different Colors & Different Styles, she is also co-founder of a fashion blogger community IFBK (International Fashion Bloggers of Korea). In this exclusive photo diary, she shares with us what a typical day in her life looks like, how she’s gotten where she is now, and a collection of her favorite outfits to wear to different fashion events throughout the city!

“Since I am working on building up my portfolio as a photographer, I try to wake up as early as possible to check emails, blog and walk around for some brief shopping before I meet with friends for photo shoots.

I derive most of my inspiration from nature. Korea has all these beautiful parks for people to sit and enjoy their time. Koreans care about nature a lot, which means you can always find peaceful places to relax and be inspired.

The last two months, I started to learn high fashion shots in order to build a portfolio for fashion magazines. The camera I use for that is a Canon Rebel T4i with 2 lenses, a 50 mm and a 100mm. One of my favorite people to take photos with is my husband, because I feel so free with him. We usually only take about 10 photos per session. I think one of the key elements of good photography is mastering the art of make-up – it can truly make a difference. For editing, I use Adobe Photoshop or Camera 360 on my iPhone.